Group Travel Insurance As An Insurance Type

Group Travel Insurance As An Insurance Type | A group travel insurance plan should be bought by people who are going on the same trip as ten or more other people. Group insurance works the same way as individual insurance, but it covers ten or more travelers on a single policy. Comprehensive group travel insurance plans cover a lot of different things that give travelers peace of mind. Through a simple online system, we make it easy to get quotes and buy group travel insurance online.

Why Buy Group Travel Insurance?

  • The system is easy to use and lets you get quotes and buy online.
  • Your group insurance for your trip is cheap and reliable.
  • Checkout that is safe and encrypted
  • You can use one or more credit cards to pay for a single policy.
  • Group plans from a company with an A+ rating (rated by A.M. Best for financial stability)
  • After buying, you can check your coverage right away by email.

Unexpected emergencies can happen at any time, so it’s smart to have medical coverage 24 hours a day while traveling. This includes coverage for medical evacuation and medical care in an emergency. A group travel insurance policy should cover more than just health issues. It should also cover personal property.

For example, insurance should cover luggage and other personal items that are lost or stolen. Lastly, group travel insurance should protect travelers from things like cancellation fees, travel delays, and other things that cost them money.

When ten or more people are going to the same place, this type of insurance is a cheap and easy way to protect everyone before a trip. Each person is covered along with the group on a single policy. This saves time and trouble because each person doesn’t have to get their own policy.

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Everyone gets the same level of coverage, and some group policies offer extra benefits. Group travel insurance often has a good price, especially for seniors or kids traveling with responsible adults. Rates vary by trip, but most of them are based on age, length of trip, and cost of the trip. Everyone pays a share of the total cost, which can make the price per person much lower.


There are different plans that can work for a group of travelers. Policies can cover corporate, volunteer, study abroad, religious, family reunions and trips, organized tours, and more. Finding the right policy at the best price is very important. With an easy-to-use engine for group travel insurance, you can find the right coverage for your group and get covered in minutes.

If you are traveling with more than 10 people, click here to get a quote and buy group travel insurance online. Use the quote form on this page if there are fewer than 10 people in your group.

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